ADL H118 compatible with mimimamo

ADL H118とダミーヘッド

Fit feeling when mimimamo is attached to ADL H118, installation example, etc. (* The photo is an L size installation example)

Recommended size:

L size


△ Because the ear cups are small, it may be difficult for your ears to enter.

Ease of mounting:

◎ Easy

Stealth mounting method:


Impact on acoustic characteristics:

△ There is an impact


Acoustic characteristic graph: (L size)

ADL H118の音響特性グラフ

[mimimamo Super Stretch Headphone Cover] is an elastic cover that covers the ear pads. Instead of replacing the deteriorated earpads, you can cover them over the earpads to protect them from dregs and stickiness and keep your headphones clean. Therefore, it is especially recommended for headphones whose ear pads cannot be replaced, headphones for which replacement ear pads are not supplied, and headphones for which the replacement fee for ear pads is extremely high. In addition, Tencel®, which has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, is used as the material to reduce the discomfort of sweat and stuffiness when using headphones.

Compatibility List

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Super Stretch Headphone Cover