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Enjoy music with your favorite headphones as long as you want

Enjoy music with your favorite headphones as long as you want

Mimimamo protects your ears and headphones

Image of headphones covered with mimimamo

What do headphone covers do?

When applied to a pair of headphones, they prevent stickiness from sweat/grease and unpleasant dampness.

Super Stretch Headphone Cover “mimimamo” offers additional features:

How to Fit in

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Highly stretchy and smooth

Colorful headphone covers

Made with soft, highly absorbent, quick-drying Tencel® fabrics * 1

They are smooth as silk and fluffy as cotton to the touch and gently fit your ears.

Highly absorbent and quick-drying material swiftly absorbs sweat during long hours of listening. They ensure dryness and comfort.

=> Q & A: What is Tencel?

Fit a variety of headphones

Mimimamo and headphones

Stretches up to 280%*2. Exceptionally elastic material that fits a wide range of headphones.

They fit naturally to cover your worn-out earpads and make the headphone set looks renewed without diminishing the original design.

Please select size M for on-ear type headphones and L for over-ear type.* 3
For the full list of verified headphones, see Compatible Headphones.

  • *2: Lateral stretch rate of Tencel bare jersey for the product’s body. Vertical stretch rate is 210%.
  • *3: The cover may not fit depending on the earpad’s shape and size. For round earpads, M-size covers fit pads of 6.5 to 9 cm in diameter, and L-size covers fit pads of 8 to 11 cm in diameter.

Compatibility List

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Antibacterial-treated headphones

- -

Antibacterial/deodorizing treatment keeps the covers clean and comfortable even if you break a sweat.* 4

Have you ever felt hesitant to put sweaty headphones in a case or bag, because they might smell?

Mimimamo is antibacterial/deodorizing-treated to minimize growth of germs, suppressing unpleasant odors.

The treatment used for mimimamo has been tested for performance and safety by an authorized third party and is SEK Mark certified. You can use our product free from safety concerns.

Wash and freshen up

Mimimamo is washable

You can wash and reuse mimimamo over and over again.* 5

The earpads are in contact with your skin all the time. They tend to get dirty from sweat and grease.

Mimimamo is water-washable. You can keep the covers clean by washing them regularly.

  • *5: Hand-washing is recommended to keep the product clean and to extend its life. Avoid rubbing and wash lightly by hand. To avoid damaging the fabric, a tumble dryer should not be used. Washing and drying restores elasticity of the fabric and elastic cord. If the product got stretched and won’t shrink back due to long term use, try washing.* It may not shrink back depending on the life of the product.


Acoustic measurements of mimimamo

Ultra-thin material to minimize the impact on sound quality.

Although the impact of headphone covers on sound cannot be reduced to zero,

Mimimamo minimizes it by using ultra-thin (0.5 mm) fabric.

In addition, use of strong Tencel® fiber for fabric material enhances durability.

=> Q & A: Does it have an affect on sound?

Japanese Craftsmanship

Mimimamo being manufactured

Mimimamo is carefully hand-sewn by the skilled artisans at an established apparel manufacturer, WAKOH CO.,LTD..

All mimimamo products are hand-sewn by skilled craftspeople.

Please note that, since production volume is limited, some products may be out of stock.

*View Sammy invites you to the world of binaural recording to find out about the factory where mimimamo is manufactured.

About Wakoh factory

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On-ear / Over-ear

Sizes L and M

We offer headphone covers in two sizes; size M is the best fit for on-ear types and size L for over-ear types.

Size M has one silver line on the right and Size L has two silver lines, one on each side. They both have a small picture of headphones.

Choose a color for your music

7 color variations are available for either size. Pick a color to go with your headphones, favorite music, or fashion of the day.

Size M for On-ear

For most on-ear type headphones, choose size M mimimamo. Click the button below to access online stores to purchase mimimamo.

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Size L for Over-ear

For over-ear and other larger headphones, choose size L mimimamo Click the button below to access online stores to purchase mimimamo.

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Super Stretch Headphone Cover