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Q & A

Q. What is mimimamo?

A. Mimimamo is our brand name for a new type of super-stretchy headphone cover. It has flexibility that traditional headphone covers lack, and can be used with a variety of headphones. It is designed to fit various shapes (round, oval, square, etc.) and sizes without diminishing the original design.

Q. Does it have an effect on sound?

A. Mimimamo minimizes impact on sound by using ultra-thin (0.5 mm) fabric. For popular headphone brands, click on Additional information links in Compatibility List to see the results of Acoustic measurements. The measurements were performed with a binaural head built for testing headphones to compare frequency characteristics of a headphone set with and without mimimamo.
Example: SONY MDR-CD900ST

Q. What is Tencel?

A. Tencel is a synthetic fiber made from eucalyptus trees. It is produced by purifying natural wood cellulose. That is why it is called a “natural, man-made fiber” and is known as an eco-friendly fiber with low environmental impact. Tencel has a supple and soft texture, and is highly absorbent and quick-drying.
The strength per denier is significantly greater than that of cotton or rayon, so with Tencel fiber you can make thin but durable fabric. Tencel is the ultimate fiber with all the performance required for headphone covers such as great texture, moisture absorption, quick drying, and durability.
In addition, for the Tencel fabric used for mimimamo, the whole process from spinning to dyeing and antibacterial/deodorizing treatment is done in Japan.* Experience the feel of the highest quality fabric produced by the Japanese textile industry.
* Raw fibers are imported from Europe.

Q. What is antibacterial/deodorizing treatment?

A. This is a treatment applied to fabric to suppress multiplication of germs and prevent the unpleasant odor. The fabric used for mimimamo has antibacterial and deodorant finish. The treatment used for mimimamo has been tested for performance and safety by an authorized third party and SEK Mark certified. (Certification number 288Z14 for Antibacterial/Deodorizing Treatment)

Q. Is mimimamo washable?

A. Yes. Hand-washing is recommended. Wash lightly by hand, avoiding hard rubbing. You can prevent pilling by using detergent for delicates, such as Acron, which suppresses static electricity. To dry, squeeze in the palms of your hands. Do not wring. Then dry flat or hang-dry away from direct sunlight. To avoid damaging the fabric, a tumble dryer should not be used.

Q. The fabric got stretched out after using it for a long time.

A. If the product is stretched out and won’t shrink back due to long term use, try washing. The fiber may shrink to the original size after being washed and dried.* If it didn’t restore the fabric, it means the product has reached the end of its lifespan.

Q. Where can I purchase mimimamo?

A. Purchase online at Amazon, e-earphone, Yodobashi Camera, BIC Camera, and Joshin, or at the physical locations of e-earphone, Tower Records, Yodobashi Camera, BIC Camera, Edion, Tsukumo, and Furuhon Ichiba. (Some stores do not carry our products). For details, see the Stores page.

Q. Will mimimamo fit on my headphone set?

A. For round earpads, M-size covers fit pads of 6.5 to 9 cm in diameter, and L-size covers fit pads of 8 to 11 cm in diameter. For the full list of verified headphones, see Compatibility List.

* The cover may not fit depending on the earpad’s shape and size.
For instance, mimimamo cannot be attached to SONY MDR-XB600 becase the headphones are too slippery.

Q. Where can I try mimimamo?

A. You can try mimimamo on your headphones at some Tower Records and e-earphone stores. For details, see the Stores page.

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