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How to fit the cover to headphones

Basic steps

Stretch the fabric by pulling the elastic part with both hands and cover the entire earpad.

Smooth the fabric against the earpad and you are done!

There are a variety of methods to fit mimimamo depending on the shape or usage of your headphones. They are grouped into the following four types:

  • Normal
  • Comfortstarstar
  • Firmly attachedstarstarstar
  • Appearancestar
  • Ease of fittingstarstarstar
  • Side
  • Comfortstarstarstar
  • Firmly attachedstar
  • Appearancestarstar
  • Ease of fittingstarstar
  • Stealth
  • Comfortstarstarstar
  • Firmly attachedstarstarstar
  • Appearancestarstarstar
  • Ease of fittingstar
  • Roll
  • Comfortstarstar
  • Firmly attachedstar
  • Appearancestarstarstar
  • Ease of fittingstar
  • NormalSideStealthRoll
  • Comfortstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar
  • Firmly attachedstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar
  • Appearancestarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar
  • Ease of fittingstarstarstarstarstarstarstar
  • * The cover may not fit tightly depending on the headphone’s shape and size.

1. Normal

This is the most commonly used method. Put the fabric on to cover the entire earcaps.

Sample (Normal): Beats BT OV PRO Sample (Normal): SONY MDR-1R Sample (Normal): Beyerdynamic DT48E Sample (Normal): B&O PLAY BeoPlay H6 Sample (Normal): AKG K240 MK2
Sample (Normal): Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Sample (Normal): Panasonic RP-HTX7 Sample (Normal): Bose QuietComfort15 Sample (Normal): Beyerdynamic DT250 Sample (Normal): Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
Sample (Normal): Jabra REVO Wireless Sample (Normal): YAMAHA HPH-PRO300 Sample (Normal): SMS Audio street by 50 On Ear Wired Sample (Normal): Beats BT ON WIRELS Sample (Normal): Marshall MAJOR
Sample (Normal): Beats BT ON MIXR Sample (Normal): DENON AH-NCW500

2. Side

This is a method to attach the elastic parts of mimimamo on the sides of earcaps.

This makes the fit looser and the touch softer than the Normal method.

Sample (Side): Sennheiser HD558 Sample (Side): Beats BT OV EXEC Sample (Side): Sennheiser HD598 Sample (Side): JBL Synchros S700 Sample (Side): Monster Cable Inspiration
Sample (Side): Audio Technica ATH-RE700 Sample (Side): AKG K619 Sample (Side): Audio Technica ATH-OX7AMP

3. Stealth

This is a method to hide the elastic part by inserting it into the groove of the earpad.

This looks natural and the fit is softer than the Normal method.

Sample (Stealth): Audio Technica ATH-M50x Sample (Stealth): Shure SRH940 Sample (Stealth): Shure SRH840 Sample (Stealth): ONKYO ESFC300 Sample (Stealth): Audio Technica ATH-WS77

4. Roll

This is a method to fit the cover by folding the elastic part inward.

You can fold and hide the extra fabric to make it look neat.

Sample (Roll): Beats BT OV STUDIO V2 Sample (Roll): Sennheiser Momentum Sample (Roll): AKG K451 Sample (Roll): Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Sample (Roll): Pioneer SE-MJ591
Sample (Roll): SOL REPUBLIC Tracks On-Ear Sample (Roll): Beats BT ON SOLO2 Sample (Roll): Sennheiser HD229

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